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    Ruth G. Richardson

    Before Computers

    Art and life merge harmoniously in my work.
    My 41-year career in social work has dramatically
    influenced my watercolors of figures, landscapes
    and nature.  I've been a part of helping people with
    their problems and emotions, helping them survive...
    I find their counterparts in nature as I explore the
    environment and its diversity through my art.
    I like to use color to interpret my responses to
    people and places and I love to portray flower, sky
    and water as life forms with their own meaning.
    I believe art can bring about UNITY in DIVERSITY
    and play a meaningful role in helping us to experience
    and achieve UNITY OF MANKIND.
    I also explore my own diverse heritage through my
    art.  My hope is that I will always have the courage
    to create and to share my art in a beneficial way.

    Ruth G. Richardson
    Telephone: 412-279-0344
    Carnegie, PA 15106